Josh Steele

Owner, Builder, Mechanic

At age 11, Josh moved to Southern Vermont from the Midwest with his family. In 2012 he met Chris John and the two quickly bonded over their love of two wheeled vehicles. Soon afterwards he decided to start a small bike shop out of the garage at his house. After three years as a hobby, the shop moved into its current location and they slowly increased their dedication and commitment to transforming it into what it is today: a full-time, year-round motorcycle repair and custom build shop. Josh and his partner Sarah live in their small house with two dogs, two ducks and various chickens.

Chris John

Owner, Mechanic, Builder

Born and raised in Brattleboro, Vermont, Chris worked for a decade as the clothing manager at Experienced Goods, the Brattleboro Area Hospice thrift shop. Chris met Josh when looking to buy his first motorcycle. The two agreed on a labor trade and Chris ended up scraping and painting the garage at Josh’s house in payment for the bike. After wanting to learn how to wrench on the bike himself, Chris continued to hang out at the garage - and Vintage Steele was born.

Caleb Matthiesen

Partner & Admin

Caleb was born outside of Boston and, like Josh, moved to Brattleboro at age 11 with his family. Caleb and Josh met in 7th grade science class and quickly became best friends. Caleb attended the University of Washington in Seattle and graduated with degrees in physics and astronomy. Although he maintains a full time gig as a software developer, Caleb helps with bike builds, upholstery, administrative work for the shop, plus whatever else he can get his hands on.

Patrick Clark

Shop Manager

Patrick has lived in the Brattleboro area nearly all of his life. He's completed a degree in Graphic Design at Keene State and lets his creativity flow into all aspects of life. He and his family have been involved in BASIC, the Brattleboro Area Skatepark Planning Committee where he first met Josh. In his spare time he spends time with his girlfriend Lauren, and races and works on his Honda CRX that he converted to right-hand drive in his garage. While building the motor for the car, various projects brought Patrick to Vintage Steele where they became closer friends. Patrick is pumped to learn more about motorcycles and help VS meet customer's needs faster.

Sarah Rice

Special Projects Coordinator and Art Director

Sarah - a New England native - began studying art at a young age. She attended Greenfield Community College and received her Associates in Media Arts before transferring to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in association with Tufts University where she graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2005. Besides helping out on creative projects at Vintage Steele, Sarah is the Accounting and Office Manager and Human Resource Director at Building Green. She and Josh live in their small house with their two dogs, Stormy and Jezebel.